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KuyKuy means bridge in Mapudungun

KuyKuy through a simple interface and a properly designed process will have the ability to return a specific set of bioclimatic strategies, based on a specified geographical location. You simply insert a street address, a city or a gps location and KuyKuy will connect to a world climate data base to retreat the necessary information to elaborate specific Olgyay Bio-climatic Graph,  Isopleths Diagrams, Givoni Diagram, CBA and Bioclimatic Strategy resume charts.

With this information the user will have the possibility to access a battery of Building Strategy Library and select the proper solution from a wide range of solutions. Spreading  on a broad range of active and passive strategies, materials, construction methods and vernacular and modern examples of Architecture, that can be used in the projection and renovation stages of a building project.

The impact is present in both the construction stage and the long term usage of the building. The user will have the most significant impact on the reduction of external energy needed to maintain a proper internal environment, increasing the wellbeing of the future occupants. It will also impact on a lower level of the necessary economical resources needed to fulfill all of the energy requirements of the building, redounding in a considerable saving and direct benefit for the final user. Having the possibility of deviating this funds to the solving of other crucial and vital necessities.

The benefits will also seriously impact and a serious decrease in our contributions to Global Warming

If this bioclimatic strategies tool set is easily available to professional and non professional construction involved persons, they will be incorporated as a standard. The actual problem is that they as presented traditionally require for an extremely sophisticated knowledge, which is not easily understood or poorly implemented. Making them user friendly and proof understanding available, would exponentially increase their usage and therefore reduce the contribution construction is doing in the increase of emissions of CO2 leading to an increment in temperatures and Global Warming.

This would have a long term effect specially on developing countries, since it would be an increasing and permanent saving in their energy consumption, redounding in economical and environmental benefits. Non develop and developing countries are suffering the most from the effects of Global Warming, due to the lack of resources to stop the damage done by the raise in tides, extreme weather conditions, desertification… Any savings could be redirected to solve this increasing problems.

I´m a licensed Architect with a Masters degree in Bioclimatic Architecture and Environmental Studies, working in Santiago Chile on the development of Social Housing. The incorporation of sustainable strategies was a decision that was taken in conjunction with the different housing committees formed by families that are currently applying to government subsidy to construct their houses. They are in the lowest income range, and any saving in the operation of their future house coul make a real change in their quality of life.

Media: Web based platform
Client: Self commission
Year: 2014